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Pre-Ordering Available! 

-Pickup or Delivery-

Great news, folks! Our Lemonade Stand is now accepting pre-orders for pickup and delivery in Grand Forks, ND. We're excited to offer this service to our valued customers and make it even easier for you to enjoy the best lemonade in town.

*Please note that all delivery orders are restricted to Grand Forks, ND, and we do not enter any households or apartments. Secondly, by placing an order you accept and understand that both delivery or pickup might take longer than expected due to the demand. Lastly, all delivery orders must be $20 or more to qualify and any orders over 1 gallon are subject to delays and must be mentioned in your message below.*

Name Phone E-mail Pickup or Delivery? Delivery Instructions
Lemonade Order (Minimum $20 For Delivery)
1 Gallon ($40.99)
2 Gallons ($65.99)
3 Gallons ($94.99)
10 Gallons ($374.99)
I understand my order may be delayed or cancelled due to high demand
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We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you the best lemonade in town. Please call or text 507-319-1860  if you run into any problems. If you get the voicemail, please leave the same information as below so we can assist you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

As a friendly reminder, all profits from the lemonade stand go directly to Lila's 529 educational fund, while the rest of the proceeds go towards purchasing high-quality ingredients to keep our stand running. Your support means a lot to us, and we're grateful for every pre-order we receive.

So, whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered to your location, we're happy to serve you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the freshest, most delicious lemonade in town. Pre-order now and taste the difference for yourself!

Thank you for choosing Our Lemonade Stand, and we look forward to serving you this summer.